15 minute

Utilizing a revolutionary workout in the workplace to give your mind a break while working the body.

Who We Are

Personal Training Approach

 15 Minute Corporate Fitness specializes in brief, convenient and effective strength training for your employees. We come to your corporate location and teach our training method to your workforce.

The purpose of our program is to establish an exercise habit for your employees … especially your non-exercising employees. It is intentionally brief, convenient and simple. We use a slow speed, low-momentum training protocol, kind of like strength building yoga-style. We deliver the health benefits of 3-5 hours of traditional exercise in as little as 15 minutes, twice a week.


serious workout with minimal stress

  The sessions consist of four to six exercises designed to work your entire body. Each exercise lasts from 1 ½ —2 minutes. Your workouts are 'sweat-free' and are performed in your work clothing during business hours in a cool, quiet workout area.

Different Frame of Mind

We've designed a program that encourages maximum employee participation and it serves as a catalyst for the development of additional healthy lifestyle habits.

 The workout is low-impact so you are able to get a break, exercise, and go back to work with minimal disruption.  Our philosophy is that a workout that seems like a break is effective for the body, mind, and therefore creates greater production at work.

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